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Dr. Joel Filmore is a Professor, Author, Therapist, and Speaker who specializes in Queer/Trans, Multicultural, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, and Couples counseling.  He maintains a fully-online, clinical private practice in Illinois, Vermont, and Florida. He is a Clinical Professor in the College of Health and Human Sciences, School of Interdisciplinary Health Professions, at Northern Illinois Univeristy (NIU). He serves as the Director of Training for the Recovery Resource Specialist program, at NIU, where he trains those in recovery, with histories of mental health and/or substance use issues, to become peer support specialists and help fill the needful Illinois workforce.

The Filmore Foundation is Dr. Filmore's lovechild. He wanted to created a practice that would bridge the divide between rural and city life, as well as across states, as a means to provide quality, safe, affirming clinical therapy to Queer/Trans populations, as well as other disenfranchised populations, including racial/ethnic minorities. To that end, Dr. Filmore created this agency as a hub to connect Queer and Queer-affirming clinical professionals with clients who are in need, across the country, in a format that was safe, especially considering the political and social climate of escalating violence against Queer,Queer-affirming, and racial/ethnic minority agencies and organzations. This agency is about providing peace of mind, safety, and healing... Welcome.

Dr. Joel M. Filmore, EdD, LCPC (IL), LHMC (VT) LMHC (FL)
The Filmore Foundation: A Social-Emotional Wellness Clinic

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